Friday, May 15, 2009

Delaware State Party Convention Tomorrow--05/15/2009

There are some interesting items coming before the convention tomorrow, not least of which is the selection of a state party chair. I have spent the week listening to supporters of each (and speaking directly to Brian). I grudgingly remain undecided, with a leaning towards Brian. Keep in mind that John Daniello has burned a lot of bridges in my book, his lack of support for progressive Democratic candidates and legislators is one bridge, the Carney/Markell and other endorsement fiascos of 2008 being another, and his back-door style being the third.
That said, there are claims of unattractive past political behavior by Brian, and I have yet to meet him face-to-face. I hope to have the chance to chat with him tomorrow morning. If he fails to pass the smell test, then I will not vote for him. However, I can’t currently envision voting FOR John Daniello. My real hope is that a third, progressive, candidate comes forth, and I can vote FOR proudly.
There are two threads in the current Delaware Liberal website, from contributors explaining why they lean to one candidate or another. Go to for an undecided contributor’s thread, and go to for a contributor who is leaning towards John.
The state party chair isn’t the only piece of business. For that matter, while the other races appear to be currently uncontested, there can be nominations from the floor.
Another issue is a proposal to call for the President to ask the Justice Department to investigate the use of torture in the past 8 years. I believe that there are LBGT (lesbian bisexual gay and transgender) issues that are part of the proposed state party platform, to be voted upon, or that will come up as motions.
If you are a delegate (and actually the convention is open to all state registered Democrats), come on down to Dover tomorrow. It should be a good show.

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