Monday, May 11, 2009

Delaware State Party Chair--05/11/2009

Brian McGlinchey has recently announced that he is running (against incumbent John Daniello) for state party chair. The convention, in which this will be decided, is Saturday in Dover. I am a delegate from the 23rd RD west Newark district.

I spoke with Brian for about 5 or 10 minutes (he emailed me a few minutes after I had emailed him—in his email he encouraged me to call him). During the call, he appeared focused and honest, well-spoken, organized, and prepared.

On the ‘past support of Republican’ charge, he notes that he never contributed to nor walked for Republicans, ever. His union is a member of the AFLCIO, and he is the public policy chairman/legislative chairman (presumably of the DE chapter). The DE AFLCIO endorsed 62 candidates (state senators and reps) for the 2008 election, 3 of which are Republicans, two of which lost. Brian was a delegate to their meeting (convention) in which the slate was approved. Brian has stated his plan to have the third (the Republican who won in November, Bill Oberle) defeated in 2010.

Brian suggests that I speak with Mike Gritz (23rd RD Chair), who knows him well.
If he was playing me, he does it well.

Given my disgust for Daniello’s past practices, at this point I am leaning to supporting Brian McGlinchey on Saturday. I look forward to meeting him in person on Saturday, and hearing him speak. I also plan to talk with Mike Gritz, and to Jerry Grant.

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