Friday, February 13, 2009

Progressive Update--02/13/2009--Four Items

County Council Special Election—The 5th county council district (which encompasses most of Newark) has a special election next Thursday (the first Thursday election in Delaware’s history, I believe). The Democratic candidate is Lisa Diller (, who has served on the 23rd RD committee for over ten years (more than twice the time I’ve served on it). Lisa has a great resume, and is a minister in Christiana. What I like best about Lisa is her deep concern for those who are often overlooked by people. Can I say that I also like the fact that Lisa is a woman, and every other county council member is a male?
To meet Lisa, go to a Diller Party on this Sunday from 3-5pm at John Mackenzie’s (711 Fiske Lane). Suggested contributions are $15/single and $25/couple. RSVP at
The Republicans in Delaware have shown that they can get out the vote in special elections. This election will be decided by who shows up to vote. If you are in the 5th county council district (call 302-577-3464 to find out), please vote for Lisa Diller on Thursday the 19th, from 7am to 8pm, at the same voting location you voted in November.
Board/Commissions—Our new governor, Jack Markell, has the opportunity to fill many slots on a slew of boards and commissions. The application, which includes the extensive list of these boards/commissions, can be found at The following link provides further information:
‘Moderate Castle’—Can you explain to me how our supposedly moderate Republican congressman Mike Castle can goose-step with his fellow Republicans and vote against the economic stimulus bill? President Obama and congressional moderates incorporated many provisions requested by Republicans into the compromise bill, and yet Castle again voted against this bill. To find out what was removed from the original plan, check out . I think that it is time for Delaware to call shenanigans on Castle, who tries to portray himself as a moderate, when actually he answers to House Minority Leader John Boehner, and not to Delawareans.
Ethics Forum—What are you doing for the next four Wednesday nights? Come to the Newark UU church for an ethics forum. Ethics and the Environment will be presented on the 18th, and Alan Fox and other UD professors will present Ethics and Religion on the 25th. For a flyer, go to