Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Progressive US Senate Hopeful Jeff Merkley from Oregon

US Senator Candidate Jeff Merkley from Oregon—A good friend of mine, Carol Boncelet, who owns a Fair Trade store in Newark, DE, has a college friend who is running for US Senate in Oregon. Jeff Merkely has an impressive resume, including nine years in the state House. Last year he was elected Speaker of the Oregon House, and in a single legislative session he chalked up one progressive victory after another.

As I have said before, the 2006 elections were step one, while necessary, they were not sufficient to get the country back on track. Democrats attained a majority of the Senate last year, however 51 Democratic Senators can not override a Bush veto, nor can they stop Bush-enabling Republican Senators from blocking legislation and votes (via fillibusters). The next step we must take is to get more than 60 Democratic Senators, and the country will be far better off if many of them are progressives like Merkley. To keep an eye on the 2008 Senate races, go to

You can find out more at; his record and platform is very impressive (read the DailyKos interview). Please learn more about Jeff Merkley. It is very difficult to beat an incumbent US Senator, and Jeff needs financial support from all progressives, including you!