Thursday, June 26, 2008

Letter to Editor--Wind Power is Here--06/26/2008

I sent this several Delaware papers this afternoon.

Job Well Done

Deep thanks are due to all of the private individuals who worked so hard to convince Delaware’s legislature to support a wind farm off Delaware’s coast. This was a major victory for ordinary citizens, and shows what people can do when we have the will and tenacity to stand up and fight for what we believe in.

We finally brought reluctant state legislators to the table to craft a solution. While many people who came late to the game may try to take credit, the real credit is due to the people who applied the pressure on our legislators early and often. I am grateful for public officials such as Jack Markell who supported the wind farm proposal very early, and who, at some risk, lent the prestige of their offices to the fight. I was especially moved by Jack’s January 3rd call for the legislature to get the process back on course.

A great leader is one who begins by looking in his heart for what is right, and disregarding the potential political fallout. In his early and steady action to bring offshore wind power to Delaware, Jack Markell has shown me that he is a great leader, and the best candidate for Delaware’s next governor.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Letter to Editor--Spineless Senate--06/17/2008


What do you get when you give eleven state senators backbones? No one yet knows.

House Concurrent Resolution 38 would finally bring wind power to Delaware, ending the stall tactic that Senators DeLuca and McDowell imposed in December. HCR38 status--stuck in committee for two months.

House Bill 71 would empower our judges to properly sentence drug offenders, and ease our appalling prison situation. HB71--stuck in committee for two months.

Senate Bill 4 would bring real open government to Dover. HB4--stuck in committee for five months.

Senate Bill 141 makes it illegal to discriminate against people due to sexual orientation. Even with ten senators sponsoring it, SB141 has been stuck in committee for over a year.

Black holes are not only found in space-—they are alive and well in Dover.

By keeping these bills in committee, the committee members prevent their fellow senators from having a say on the issue. That is incredibly spineless.

Each bill has eight to ten senators sponsoring it. If each sponsoring senator, along with one to three additional senators, signs the petition, the bill can be brought up for a vote on the senate floor. Unfortunately, this requires eleven state senators to use their backbone at the same time--an event never witnessed in Dover.

If you feel that your senator has a backbone, ask them to petition HCR38, HB71, SB4, and SB141 onto the senate floor. Prove me wrong.