Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Delaware State Party Chair--05/12/2009

The saga continues. I really encourage you to read the full thread on this at http://www.delawareliberal.net/2009/05/11/daniello-vs-some-union-guy/comment-page-1/#comment-118276 . The opinions are varied, and quite deeply felt.

I understand that the chair of the 23rd RD, Mike Gritz, backs the chairmanship of John Daniello. In an earlier post Brian McGlinchey told me that Mike could 'vouch' for him. Apparently this doesn't go so far as to include supporting his candidacy.

On a different topic, the state convention on Saturday will include discussion/decision on the state party platform. I understand that there will be a proposal to include opposition to discrimination based not only on sexual orientation, but also on gender identity and expression, and another proposal to include support for 'relationship recognition for all, regardless of sexual orientation.' I support both of these proposals, and encourage other delegates to also support them.

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