Monday, April 17, 2006

Progressive Update--04/17/2006

Democratic Party—In about 2 weeks, on Saturday the 29th, the Democratic Party is holding a National Neighbor to Neighbor Organizing Day. There are four events within 15 miles of Newark, including one that I am organizing. To find one near to you, go to, and enter your zip code. You can use that site to signup for any event, including mine. We are meeting at 1pm at Barksdale/Handloff Park, and will be going door-to-door in area neighborhoods, distributing materials from the DNC (Democratic National Committee), including a wonderful door hanger (see attachment). I also hope to have information on Kat Hutchison’s and Terry Schooley’s campaigns for distribution.

The country is finally recognizing the disastrous effects of W’s Crony Capitalism (compassionate incompetence). The country is now thirsting for an alternative vision, and this Organizing Day is a wonderful opportunity to help share this vision! Please sign up—we need you!

Katrine Hutchison—I am the treasurer for a good friend who is running for re-election to the Christina School Board. I am attaching a brochure with her vision and views of district matters. If you have any questions for her, you can email her at

Let either of us know if you would like a yard sign. If you would like to contribute for her campaign (we need to raise money for signs and brochures), mail checks made out to Committee to Reelect Katrine Hutchison to me at Paul Baumbach, 273 E Main St, Suite E, Newark, DE 19711-7331. Anyone in the Christina School District can (and should) vote on May 9th. We appreciate your support!

Delaware Democrats—To keep up on news with the Delaware Democratic Party, including how they plan to gain six House seats (and the majority) in this November’s election, go to regularly.

Terry Schooley is the DE State Representative from the 23rd Representative District (on whose committee I serve). She is up for re-election this fall. If you would like to know more about her views, and opportunities to help her campaign, contact Mary Herr at

There is a fund raising reception and auction on April 30th from 4-7pm at Timothy’s in Newark. Tickets are $35, and includes hot hors d’oeuvres & soft drinks (cash bar). The live auction begins at 5pm. Please see me for $35 tickets. This is run by four local representative districts (15th, 23rd, 25th, and 27th).

Kennett Area Democrats—For more information on this area group, contact Mark at

Delaware Progressives—Joe Rupert’s group is gearing up to help with three US Congressional races, two in PA (“Kick Rick (Santorum) Out”) and one in DE (Dennis Spivak). This group meets on the 4th Thursday at Newark’s Brew Ha Ha at 7pm. You can find Joe’s website at .

Progressive Democrats of Delaware—Their site is They meet the first Wednesday of the month at Dem HQ on Basin Road, and have wonderful speakers, and are also working hard for Dennis Spivak’s campaign to win the seat currently held by Republican Mike Castle.

Progressive LineErnie Lehman has a wonderful site at

Blog—All of my postings are at I will get this posted within a week.

Paul Baumbach