Monday, October 30, 2006

Progressive Update--10/30/2006--LTE Anyone?

Only one weekend and one week to go until election day on Tuesday the 7th. Please find out how you can help a particular candidate’s campaign over the next 8 days, or simply help Delaware’s Democratic Party HQ ( Kristin Dwyer at HQ can provide you with contact information for whatever campaign that you would like to help with, and opportunities for work for the entire party.

I have an urgent need for someone, preferably in the 25th RD (Stephanie Ulbrich/John Kowalko’s district) to submit a letter to the editor supporting John. I have a fully developed letter, if you are interested in submitting it (and you of course are welcome to customize it to your liking). Given that the election is only 8 days away, however, I need someone to come forward today or tomorrow for this.

If you like a particular candidate, submit a letter to the editor today or tomorrow, sharing in a short/sweet way why that candidate has earned your vote. You can make a big difference in swaying fence-sitting voters in the next 8 days. includes a section towards the bottom to submit a letter to the editor (LTE). I usually compose mine within a word processor (Word), until I like it, and then I go to the website and cut/paste it into their form. I would be happy to work with anyone to provide a second set of eyes for a LTE that you are working on—just send me an email.

Donate—It is not too late to donate to your favorite candidates. Last minute contributions can help with last minute advertisements and phone banking. In addition to supporting Delaware candidates that I like (and there are several), last week I contributed to Virginia candidate James Webb online in his Senate battle against George Allen. The House seems to be Blue on the 9th, but the Senate is unknown, with four ‘too close to call’ races determining the balance.

Paul S Baumbach

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Progressive Update--10/18/2006--Three Weeks and Counting

Forum—In a week, on Tuesday night from 7-9pm, our church ( is hosting a forum for candidates for Delaware’s Senator, Representative, and the state Representative from the 25th Representative District (John Kowalko versus Stephanie Ulbrich). I would really appreciate it if you are able to attend, and/or if you can spread the word. These forums work best when the audience is packed with good questions. This also provides you with a way to help your independent neighbor make their decision of who to vote for on November 7th.

Countdown—The mid-term election is 21 days away. What will you do in the next 3 weeks to help Democrats reclaim the state House, the US House, and the US Senate? Do you have time to volunteer? Can you contribute some money to pay for signs, literature, advertisements? Do you have a yard in which to put up a sign? Times a wasting!

The New Castle Democratic Party is holding literature drops on October 19, 21, 24, 26, and 28, and phone banking on October 17, 23, and 29. For more information, contact Kristin Dwyer at Kristin also has a signup sheet for many, many opportunities from November 4th to 7th, which I have attached. If you are able to help out, provide your interest and availability to Kristin. By the way, ‘drive time visibility’ is going to areas with high traffic during rush hour and displaying effective campaign signage (and a smile).

For information of how to help Dennis Spivack defeat Mike Castle for US Representative, contact Glenn Shipley at

For information on how to help Beau Biden defeat mud-slinging never-a-fresh-idea-in-his-life Ferris Wharton for Delaware Attorney General, contact Missy Owens at

For information on how to help Mike Dalto defeat master-opportunist state Auditor Tom Wager, contact Mike at

For information of how to help John Kowalko defeat lobbyists-best-friend Stephanie Ulbrich in the 25th Representative District, contact John at

You can also contact Kristin, provide your home address, and have her let you know which county and state races directly impact you, and who to contact to help out.

Yes, I know that Democrats Tom Carper, Jack Markell, Terry Schooley, and Stephanie McClellan are running for election. I don’t consider any of them to be in danger of losing (two have no opponents), so I’d rather direct my efforts elsewhere.

Current Expectations—The New York Times current projects that the election will bring 49 Republicans in the Senate, 48 Democrats, with 3 undecided races (including New Jersey). It calls for the House to have 209 Republicans, 210 Democrats, with 16 undecided races (including two in nearby Pennsylvania (where Democrats Joe Sestak and Lois Murphy are working very hard). The ‘Iowa Electronic Markets’ makes a market in the odds for the houses of Congress changing hands. They currently project a 40% likelihood of the Republicans losing the US Senate, and a 65% likelihood of the Republicans losing the US House.

Contributions—If you haven’t yet contributed to a candidate’s campaign yet, why not? They only have three more weeks to get their message out, and this costs money. You can use the email addresses above to ask about contributing. It will be greatly appreciated. Last night I read one person explain that they voted ‘because Pat Robertson votes’. Why do I contribute to campaigns? Because Rush Limbaugh contributes to campaigns.

Films—My church ( is running a film series. We will be showing TransAmerica at 7pm on Saturday 11/4, and What the Bleep Do We Know on Sunday November 19th at noon (there is a chance that we’ll show Iraq for Sale in its place).

Global Water Needs--Troubled Waters, an hour-long documentary, will be aired nationally on ABC television beginning on October 22, 2006. It portrays some of the challenges faced by people and nations everywhere with regard to access to clean, safe drinking water and adequate sanitation. The film addresses the increasing privatization of water resources around the world and raises disturbing questions about who has access to this precious resource. "Water is a gift from God and a human right," affirms executive producer Wally Ryan Kuroiwa, "not a commodity available only to those who can pay for it."

This provocative film was shot in Africa, South America, the Middle East, and the United States, and is narrated by the legendary actor Lynn Redgrave. Some of the major air times are available at

Paul S Baumbach