Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Progressive Update--09/05/2006

Primary Election in a Week—Please vote in Tuesday’s primary election (9/12). One critical race for progressives is the race of Dennis Spivack against Karen Hartley-Nagle for Delaware’s long US Representative office. Karen is one of those ‘fusion’ candidates who has decided that even if she loses a Democratic primary, she will find another party to put her on the November ballot (echoes of Joe Lieberman). I strongly support Dennis, and am hopeful that enough Delaware Democrats vote for Spivack on 9/12 to convince the DNC that Dennis can seriously threaten Bush-backing Mike Castle in November that the DNC will throw its full support behind him, so Delaware can get three Democrats into Congress. Please vote and urge all of your friends to turn out next Tuesday for Dennis. To find out more about Dennis, go to www.spivackforcongress.com, or …

Progressive Barbeque—Join fellow progressives on Saturday afternoon (2pm to dusk), September 16th, at Rockford Park, for live music, guest speakers, food, fun, and games. Dennis Spivack will be present to speak and to hear from you. Bring friends and family. I’ve attached a flyer to share.

Election in three weeks—If you live in Newark’s 3rd district, please vote for your next city council person. I serve as treasurer for Sue Eggert. Sue needs your vote on the 26th. Find out more at www.susaneggert.net.

Candidate Help—We hope to regain leadership in the Delaware House of Representatives by gaining six additional seats in November (six in ’06). Candidates who could use your support include whoever wins the three-way primary in the 4th RD, Becky Walker (9th RD), Francis Murphy (10th), Michael Barbieri (18th), John Kowalko (25th), Robert Price (downstate in the 30th), Robert Walls (33rd), and Jeanine Kleimo (34th RD). This is a great opportunity to find a progressive candidate in one of these close, critical elections, and pitch in and contribute to make a real difference.

I am supporting Beau Biden based on a single factor—the Florida 2000/Ohio 2004 presidential elections, when we saw what a Republican Attorney General can do to the electoral process. His run for attorney general could be close. To help, contact Missy Owens at mowens@bidenag.com.

State Volunteer Opportunities—Contact Kristin Dwyer (kdwyer@deldems.org) to find out opportunities to help in the next two months. There will be phone-banking, literature drops, events (parades, tailgates, etc) where support is critical.

Contributions—It is no surprise that Republican candidates outspend their opponents. We can help turn this by talking with our wallets, an uncommon progressive activity. Find a candidate that you believe in, and donate your time, skills, and money. It will be greatly appreciated.

Candidate Forums—My faith community (www.uufn.org) is sponsoring two candidate forums next month. On Tuesday 10/11 from 7-9pm, candidates for state Attorney General, Auditor, and Treasurer will participate in a forum. On Wednesday 10/24 from 7-9pm, candidates for State Representative (from the 23rd and 25th representative districts), for US House of Representatives, and US Senate will participate in our second forum. Please plan to attend and spread the word (see attached flyer).

Climate Change—Next Wednesday, 9/13, from 3-5pm Dr. Stephen Gardiner is giving a (free and open to the public) seminar at the UD Trabant Center room 010 titled A perfect moral storm: climate change, intergenerational ethics, and the problem of moral corruption. To find out more, go to www.dbi.udel.edu/ethics.html

Films—The 2nd annual Newark Film Festival is later this week. Go to www.newarkfilm.com for more information. My faith community (www.uufn.org) is also running a film series. I’ve attached a tentative schedule.