Friday, September 05, 2008

Progressive Update--09/05/2008--Delaware Primary & Obama Update

Delaware’s Primary Election is this Tuesday. VOTE, I insist!
If you don’t know where you vote, go to
Who to vote for? I offer three sources of opinions on your decisions, if you are registered as a Democratic voter.
If you have time, look to which yesterday rolled out its endorsements, along with some reasons. Note that, despite the website title, there are conservative views posted on this site. It keeps it lively. The ‘editors’ are all liberals, however they permit all to respond, across the political spectrum. I refer to these endorsements as DL. has those candidates endorsed by PDD (on whose endorsement committee I sit). Note that on Wednesday we endorsed Rebecca Young (PDD founder and executive director) in her campaign to beat Republican incumbent Joseph Miro in the 22nd RD (Representative District). Note also that this includes good candidates that PDD endorsed outside Newark, including Michael Katz in the 6th SD (Senate District) and Tom Scherer in the 12th New Castle County district. I refer to these endorsements as PDD
I have my own endorsements are marked as PSB. Note that there are several reasons to endorse or not endorse a candidate, or not to endorse any candidate in a race. In some cases, it could be that all candidates are equally attractive (or unattractive), it could be that all are OK but each has at least one significant flaw/weakness.
US Congress—Jerry Northington, endorsed by DL, PDD, PSB
Governor—Jack Markell, endorsed by DL, PDD, PSB
Insurance Commissioner—no endorsement by any of ‘us three’
County Executive—Chris Coons, endorsed by DL, PSB, no endorsement by PDD
County Council President—Bill Dunn, endorsed by DL, no endorsement by PDD or PSB
State Senate District 6—John Mackenzie, endorsed by PDD
I consider it very important for Markell and Northington to be elected on Tuesday.
Obama Update
Robin Whitaker ( is the Delaware Women for Obama Chair. She is organizing a statewide effort for Meet and Greets in homes of supporters, in which folks will discuss and document the differences between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Please contact Robin right away if you would host one of these events. If you can’t please ask family, friends, colleagues. This isn’t limited to women. It is limited to women, and people who know and care about women.
Drive for Change—this is the name of the program for having volunteers drive to battleground states. Locally, we are setting up regular opportunities to go to Chester and Delaware counties (in PA). Tomorrow morning you can meet at the Newark High School parking lot at 8:45, to head to West Chester PA for work either door-knocking (rain permitting) or phone calling. There is also a group leaving from the Riverfront, going to Delaware county.
To see what opportunities are available near you, go to, and look for nearby events near to you (including Drive for Change gathering points near your home). We will try to keep all such opportunities publicized in this manner this fall.
There is an event to register voters at the Kennett mushroom festival this weekend. You can find this online at the site mentioned above.
The Wilmington HQ for the campaign is having a grand opening on Sunday. The location is Riverfront Shipyard Center (the Old Nautica Store), 1000 Justison St. Wilmington, DE 19801. Stop by and meet folks!

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