Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Questions for Karen Hartley Nagle--08/26/2008

Karen is running in the primary for US Congress. In this race, I have endorsed Jerry Northington, one of her two opponents.
Today I shared the following with a friend, who plans to listen to Karen on WILM this morning:

Three questions for Karen

If so far this year (in the most recent financial filings) you have raised less than $3,100 in individual contributions, how do you expect to beat Mike Castle who during the same time raised over a half million dollars?

With negative $700 in the bank, how can you compete with Castle, who has over $1.5 million—that is positive $1.5 million? These figures come from http://www.opensecrets.org/races/summary.php?id=DE01&cycle=2008

If you are indeed committed to getting Republican Mike Castle out of office, then after losing to Dennis Spivack in the Democratic primary in 2006, 40% to 60%, why did you run as a candidate of the Independent Party of Delaware, and divert 2% of the general election vote, which would otherwise have been available to weaken Castle?

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