Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Progressive Update--09/16/2008--Time to Be the Change

Obama Cheerleading—I know that it looks much more challenging for Obama now than it did two weeks ago. Do not fear—there are several factors which caused this short-term bounce for McCain, and several other factors that should permit Obama’s campaign to return to its solid lead.
Please come to the Unitarian church in Newark (www.uufn.org) on Saturday October 4th from 3:30 to 5pm, to hear professor Matt Kerbel discuss the upcoming presidential election, and the media’s impact. I chatted with him on Saturday, and you do NOT want to miss this!
Jeff Feldman is the ‘east coast George Lakoff’, who studies the frames that progressives can use to help influence voters. This week he issued a call to arms. It is must reading for those concerned about a McCain/Palin victory. Really, please read it at http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/9/14/111845/605/648/598375 It ends with a charge: Let's get busy. Let's work together. Let's not waste one more minute being afraid. Let's win this damn election.
Obama Challenge—Obama doesn’t have a vision of how he will bring change to our country; he has a vision of how we will bring change to our country. Well, it’s time for you and me to get to work.
Steps to get involved.
1) Sign onto (or establish an account and signon) my.barackobama.com, provide your zip code in your account settings. This can be your ‘launchpad’ for helping Obama win in November.
2) Search for Speak Out opportunities, including writing Letters to the Editors in swing states
3) Search for nearby Events. We setup ones that the campaign calls Drive For Change (D4C), involving driving to swing states (PA, VA for us), and canvassing (going door to door) there. Enter your zip, and a radius, and you can find similar events leaving from your area. Sign up, so we know that you are coming.
4) Search for Neighbor to Neighbor opportunities, including getting lists of voters in swing states (for calls, letters, etc).
5) Let me know if this doesn’t work.
I am organizing weekly D4C trips from Newark to Chester County, PA. In September, we will be going to Kennett Square and Oxford, but in October and early November, we will be needed in West Chester. We meet at Newark High School’s parking lot at 8:45 every Saturday morning.
So far we have had VERY low participation—this has to change. Are you willing to let McCain win Pennsylvania, and to become the next president? If not, it’s time to get to work, time to go to Pennsylvania and line up enough voters to bring the state to Obama. Starting this Saturday!
[Obama Yard Signs—I have ordered 100 Obama/Biden yard signs, from the Obama campaign (which helps Obama win). I have no idea when they’ll come in—I’m hoping by month-end. When they do, I want to sell them all, quickly, for $5 each.]
Delaware Challenge—We survived a rough Delaware state primary. It is time to get some wonderful Democratic candidates elected in November. Ones that I feel are worth fighting for, that are up against well-funded Republicans, are Matt Denn for Lieutenant Governor, Michael Katz for 4th Senate District, John Mackenzie for 6th Senate District, Bryon Short for 7th Representative District (RD), Rebecca Walker for 9th RD, Mike Barbieri for 18th RD, Rebecca Young for 22nd RD, and John Kowalko for 25th RD. There are other wonderful candidates—I’ve met these candidates, and I know that they face dedicated opponents.
How to help—‘do a google’ on the candidate and their race, and find out their positions. When you find a candidate that you would like to help, consider providing your time, treasure, and talents. Candidates need your time calling voters, going door to door to talk and to deliver literature, to stuff envelopes, etc. Candidates need your contributions, to pay for yard signs and mailed brochures and ads. Candidates need your talents, in brainstorming the next brochure, in speaking with the press, etc.
Be the change this fall. Make the difference, in your town, county, state, and country. Get to work!

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