Monday, August 25, 2008

Progressive Update--08/25/2008--Obama & DE Update

Seven Weeks (and a day) To Go to the November Election
Obama Update 1—I am hosting an Obama Acceptance Speech Watching Party this Thursday at 9pm. For more information, and to RSVP, go to
Obama Update 2—I am leading or co-leading the effort within Delaware to help Obama win in Pennsylvania—cross-border work (generally door knocking, but perhaps also phone banking). UD student Paul Ruiz and high schooler Tim McBride are organizing youth for Obama (email if you know of a student who may be interested in helping). We need lots of people who can drive (themselves and others, including youth) to PA, likely Chester County, every weekend in September and October (and the first weekend in November). I expect to have more information on this next week.
Obama Update 3—I have signed up at In the ‘neighbor to neighbor’ (NTN) section on the left, I can click on Delaware NTN, and be presented with 50 phone calls that will help the campaign. At this point, it is generally verifying names and addresses, but shortly will be getting folks to help at events throughout the state. The provide the script, and you can do it all online, perhaps on your lunch hour.
Delaware Primary Election—September 9th.
Governor—I strongly prefer Jack Markell ( over John Carney. Jack has brought fresh ideas and delivered in his 6 years as treasurer. I feel that Carney has been a party insider for too long, and is too beholden to the ‘good ole boys’. I agree with state senator Karen Peterson that he has failed to distance himself from current Governor Ruth Ann Minner, whose failures include healthcare in state prisons and the DE Psychiatric Center’s mismanagement. If you agree with me that the state Democratic Party has failed Democrats throughout the state in the past, and needs fresh leadership, vote for Jack Markell on the 9th.
US Congress--I am hopeful that, with Biden on the ticket, Delaware will have a chance to kick Mike Castle out of Congress. My pick for Democratic challenger is Jerry Northington ( My second pick is Karen Hartley Nagle. Micheal Miller is a very distant third.
State Senate—I like Michael Katz in district 4 (, who is running against fellow Democrat (but for less than a year) Dee Durham. I have not endorsed either candidate in district 6 (Michael Terranova and John Mackenzie)—I like both candidates.
New Castle County—I like Chris Coons much more than Tom Gordon for county executive. I am wimping out and not endorsing either candidate for county council president (Paul Clark and Bill Dunn)—both candidates have their strengths and weaknesses. I prefer Tom Scherer in council district 12, a fresh challenger to incumbent Bill Bell, who can use your help.
What can you do. First, determine which candidates you like. Next, contribute. This can be time, talent, and treasure. Most have websites (,, all have phones. Ask how you can help them. It could be making phone calls, it could be door knocking, it could be showing up at events, it could be writing a check, it could be putting a sign in your yard. Everything helps.
Paul S Baumbach

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