Wednesday, September 02, 2009

09/02/2009 - Meeting with Senator Carper--Part I

Kris Muto and I attended a 'closed door' listening session with Senator Carper this morning. There were a slew of doctors and healthcare folks (nutritianists, oncology folks, those who advocate for the disabled, medical society of DE, etc), a few corporates (Shoprite, WL Gore), and two PDDers. We were limited to a minute or two (except the first three ER docs who took about 5 minutes each).

My statement:

Due to the direction of the country following the 2004 elections, the Progressive Democrats of Delaware formed. One issue that upset us greatly was the ongoing occupation of Iraq. So we worked to get a majority of Democrats in the Senate in the 2006 elections. We learned that this was not sufficient as a majority of Democrats in the Senate with a Republican President could continue that occupation.

So we worked harder, and cut the number of Republicans to 40 in the Senate, and worked very hard to get Barack Obama elected as President. We assumed that this meant that core parts of his, and the party’s platform, would become enacted. A core plank is universal healthcare, or at least quality healthcare available and affordable to all Americans.

This year the President and Congressional Democrats have put forward key points of their vision for health insurance reform. One key point is a robust public option, the ability for Americans to choose a public health insurance option. Our soldiers, seniors, and Senators have a public health insurance option, one that doesn’t double premiums in under 10 years.

Now we find that this reform, this robust public option, is being held back by many senators who campaign as Democrats.

Our state elected you as a Democratic Party candidate. Our state elected President Barack Obama. When will you stand with your fellow Democratic Senators and champion a robust public option?

I will next post my (ugly) notes.

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