Wednesday, August 26, 2009

08/26/2009--Letter to Editor--Supporting Robust Public Healthcare Option

I submitted this letter this afternoon to the Wilmington News Journal.

Robust Health Requires Robust Public Option

Public health insurance serves our soldiers, our seniors, and our Senators. Why not the rest of us: self-employed persons, small businesses, people between jobs, and young persons with multiple part-time jobs?

Private health insurance works quite well for those employed by large companies. But it fails the rest of the country, the almost 50 million Americans without health insurance, who are often one illness away from bankruptcy. It fails those who lose their job, and with it their health insurance. It fails those who stay at their job purely for the health insurance, unable to leave or retire, due to healthcare concerns. It fails those whose economic life is overwhelmed by the cost of their chronic disease.

Our current system works for many, but also fails a great many. Our country is too great to permit this injustice to continue, and to grow. If you feel that private health insurance companies alone provide the best health care our country offers, then insist that your senator vote to terminate the public health coverage they themselves enjoy, and that enjoyed by our soldiers, and your parents and grandparents.

If, instead, you recognize that millions will benefit from the choice of a robust public option, then let your senator know.

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