Thursday, October 16, 2008

Progressive Update--10/16/2008

Less than three weeks to go. What can you do to bring change to your town, county, state, country in the next 19 days? What are you doing so you can celebrate the night of November 4th?
Obama/Biden Yard Signs and Bumper Stickers—I still have many Obama/Biden yard signs to sell—they cost me $5 each, and I am selling them for $5 each. I also have Obama/Biden bumper stickers ($1 each). Email me for more information.
Cheerleading—The McCain/Palin ticket failed to pull an October surprise. McCain’s gamble backfired; the country clearly told McCain that it hates his negative campaigning. McCain is now working hard to avoid a November meltdown. Obama is well on course to not only get the 270 Electoral Votes (EV) to win—he is closing in on receiving more than 350 EVs. Look to and for good EV coverage. The US Senate should end up with at least 57, and perhaps as many as 60 Democrats. Our daughters and nieces may be safe for the next four to eight years from having Roe v Wade overturned. Let’s seal the deal, and ‘bring it on home.’
Working for Obama—The Obama campaign has office space in Newark, in the Snappy Auctions building (the old Wilmington Trust, 211 Elkton Road) at Park n Shop in west Newark. You even get a free Obama/Biden button when you volunteer! You can call Aaron at 357-7710 if you have any questions about volunteering, or email him at Aaron and Anne are miracle workers for the campaign in Newark.
Drive for Change (D4C)—There are four opportunities each weekend to go door-to-door in Pennsylvania (Chester County) for Obama. We leave from Snappy Auctions twice a day on Saturdays and twice on Sundays. No experience required, they do training. You are always paired with someone (bring a buddy!).
Call for Change (C4C)—We are calling into PA (phone-banking) seven days a week, from 2-9pm on weekdays and from noon-5pm on weekends, in the Newark office space. Bring a cell phone and charger if you are able. The volunteers are on fire in Newark.
GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Training at the Wilmington (Riverfront) HQ this Tuesday the 21st at 7pm. There will be a GOTV trainer from Pennsylvania explain the plan for the next two weeks, and how you can help.
State Wide—There is a forum on both this Saturday and this Sunday with panels of candidates. See the flyer at Come meet and hear Kowalko and Gates, Sorenson and Mackenzie, Copeland and Denn, etc.
The following I am repeating from my last post.
There are many, many races, with some great progressive candidates. has the list of candidates endorsed by PDD (progressive dems of delaware). Matt Denn ( is probably in the toughest state-wide race, and could certainly use your help (time and money).
Helping to take the majority in the state house, candidates Becky Walker (, Mike Barbieri (, Rebecca Young (, and John Kowalko ( especially impress me. A Democratic majority in the state house will make it possible to bring needed reform to health insurance—the Republicans have been stalling this (and pocketing lobbyist money) for years. Let’s make change happen in Dover!
There are some great folks running for Senate seats (where progressive Democrats are necessary to reverse the tradition of desk drawer vetoes), most notably Mike Katz ( and John Mackenzie (
Get out there and make the change happen!
Paul S Baumbach
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