Thursday, November 29, 2007

Progressive Update--12/04/2007

Bob Carson--Carson is running as a Democrat for the office of state Representative from the 28th RD district. This seat opened up when Democrat Bruce Ennis succeeded in winning the election for state Senator from the 14th SD district. This is a special election, to be held this Saturday. My very limited sources indicate that Bob 1) is a shoe-in, and 2) is no progressive. I do not plan to pitch in to help in this election.

Mike Terranova--Mike plans to run as a Democrat against Republican incumbent Liane Sorenson in 2008, for state Senator in the 6th SD district. I met Mike last night at the 23rd RD Democratic committee meeting. He seems like a good guy and a good candidate. He cares about law enforcement (he is a retired county police officer, and lobbied for a few years in Dover on behalf of the FOP), fire-fighters and first responders, and education. He mentioned that he is reaching out to labor for support, that he supports open government in Dover, and opposes the desk-drawer veto Senate rule. At this early point, I am hopeful with this candidate.

2008 Strategy--I would like to see progressive Democratic candidates successfully challenge Republican state Senators such as Sorenson in the 6th and Amick in the 10th. In this manner, I am hopeful that the party can replace Thurman Adams as President Pro Tempore with a less conservative Democratic senator. I would like to see Democrats attain a majority in the state House, through victories in districts with heavy Democratic majorities and yet Republican Representatives, such as Spence in the 18th, Oberle in the 24th, and Lofink in the 27th. I would like to see a more progressive candidate than Earl Jacques run against Lofink in the 27th, or perhaps he has shifted a bit since 2006.

If you know of a progressive friend in one of these districts, please encourage them to run. They should feel free to reach out to Rebecca Young at (or myself at Rebecca is the executive director of the Progressive Democrats of Delaware at

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