Thursday, November 29, 2007

Letter to Editor--11/28/2007

The Wilmington News Journal on 11/28 ran a letter that I submitted regarding bringing wind power to Delaware. They whittled my letter down a bit--here it is in its entirety:

Pawns of Delmarva

I was very disappointed with the events covered in the “Last-ditch chance for wind farm” article on the 21st. I see that the ‘power’ in Delmarva Power doesn’t stand for energy, but rather power over Delaware’s government and citizens, power to line their pockets.

Months ago our state government selected Bluewater Wind in an open bid contest. Bluewater has worked tirelessly to move this process forward. Delmarva is another story. The article’s subtitle is that the state ‘agencies order contract negotiations’. Why must negotiations be ordered? Because at every turn, Delmarva has obstructed this process of bringing clean, sustainable energy to Delaware.

Delmarva is quoted as hoping ‘more companies will get the chance to bid on the wind contract’. That train has left the station; the bid process has already finished, and Bluewater was selected. I’m sorry that Delmarva doesn’t like it, but it isn’t their decision. What Delmarva is hoping, of course, is that more delays can continue their gravy train, at Delaware consumers’ expense. Delmarva’s spin machine had the nerve to complain about the cost increases due to the months and months of delay that Delmarva’s foot dragging has caused! Enough is enough.

The citizens and the state agencies have clearly stated that Bluewater should provide clean energy to our state. It’s time for Delmarva’s regulators to do their job and force Delmarva to stop holding the process hostage. Time (and energy) is wasting.

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