Friday, March 25, 2005

050125 Progressive Posting

Top Delaware Issues—Many progressives are disappointed with several of Governor Minner’s recent cabinet appointments. There is strong opposition to the proposed LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal across the river from New Castle. There is a desire to provide full-day kindergarten, and for ‘Clean Air Redistricting’ (having political redistricting done in the open, not behind closed doors). And let’s not forget House Bill 99, without it our state does not prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

National initiatives (thanks to PDD’s ‘DC Oversight Team’) include Tort Reform (Immunity for Corporations), Privatization of Social Security (Anti-Social Insecurity), Tax Reform (Fat Cat Welfare), Judicial Nominations (Removing Women’s Reproductive Choice), Cabinet Appointments (If you support torture, you, too, can be Attorney General), ….

48% Club—Next meeting is 1/10/05 from 7:30-9pm at First Unitarian in Wilmington. Go to or subscribe to their group at

Progressive Democrats of Delaware (PDD)—The next meeting is Wed Feb 2 at 7pm at DE Dems HQ—the topic is framing the progressive message, with Jeffrey Feldman, author of The Feldman Diaries and Frameshop. Contact is

Delaware Alliance to Restore Democracy (DARD)—This is the group led by Dr. Phillip Pollner that generally meets the 3rd Saturday at 11am in Newark (next one 2/19/05, contact I have attached minutes from their 1/15 meeting. Their proposed mission statement follows: The Delaware Alliance to Restore Democracy is a federation of diverse organizations and individuals who reject the deceptive and dangerous legislation and political policies that violate long-standing American values and the principles of American democracy. Our mission is to inform the public and our elected representatives of the human and economic consequences of plans or decisions that adversely affect the lives of citizens in Delaware and the nation -and by our resolve, organize and mobilize people to take action in support of progressive policies and programs essential for the realization of a fair and equitable society, not just for some, but for all.

Pacem in Terris—Is holding a non-violent direct action workshop on Sunday the 30th from 1-4pm at Wilmington Friends Meeting House (4th and West). Contact is .

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark (UUFN)—Is hosting two sessions on George Lakoff’s book Don’t Think of an Elephant, on the next two Fridays (1/28 and 2/4) from 7-9pm. Go to for directions. The UUFN is also sponsoring a series of lectures on World Religions by UD Professor Alan Fox, on Mondays at 7pm beginning 2/7/05 (Islam is on 4/25). collects ‘the best’ progressive writings from the internet.

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)—This tax credit is available to poor families with low income, families that often need help to prepare the tax returns. While they can go to tax prep firms, these often overcharge. The Delaware EITC Campaign offers free tax preparation for Delaware’s working poor families. For more information (flyers to distribute, ways to volunteer, …) call Fran Brumskill at 655-0803.

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