Friday, March 25, 2005

050105 Progressive Posting

Just a (relatively) quick note. Please review my prior posting (12/21/04) for more details.

TONIGHT—7pm at Delaware Democratic Party HQ (near the News Journal building) is a workshop on framing, likely the reason that Bush was able to get 51% of the vote. This should be a wonderful meeting. Bring a chair if you can, and pencil & paper, and prepare to be WOWed. Presented by Progressive Democrats of Delaware.

Next Thursday—7:30pm at First Unitarian Church on Halstead Road in Wilm is the normal 48% Club monthly meeting where I believe they’ll be planning the Inauguration Day protest.

MultiParty Progressives—Phil Pollner’s group’s next meeting on next Saturday at 11am at 234 Cheltenham Road in Newark (call 266-7373 or email for directions).

Green Correction—I briefly mentioned Green Delaware ( in my last posting, but failed to mention Delaware’s Green Party, whose website is . Please go to these sites to learn more of their activities and opportunities.

Yahoo Groups—While remaining a member of both, I have shut down any emails from the two Yahoo Groups (PDDs and 48% Club) to improve my sanity. I can still go there when I want to catch up on things, and to check their calendar for upcoming events. Yahoo Groups does a wonderful job of helping groups manage membership lists for email postings. I simply found that the very high energy level of the members led to too high a number of postings (even in the Daily Digest format) for my life at this time.

Have a great month!

Paul Baumbach

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