Monday, May 09, 2011

Three Items of Note--05/09/2011

School Board Elections—Tomorrow is election day for our School Boards. The School Boards are typically non-partisan elections, HOWEVER, there are differences between candidates. In many cases, candidates who are Democrats support quality education in ALL schools, while candidates who are Republicans support vouchers, weakening our public education, and often strengthening charter schools (which redirect money away from other public schools, and which often reduce pay for teachers and other employees). In Red Clay District, I support Democrat Jack Buckley, a great progressive who has been active in PDD in the past. In the Christina School District, I urge you to vote for Democrats Gina Backus and Fred Polaski.

Fairness in State Budget—In my comments in the article, I noted my view of the proper priorities for utilizing the recently boosted state revenues. Within a few days, Governor Markell has released his proposal. I strongly disagree with it—most especially its tax giveaway to the rich. Read about this issue in the spirited Delaware Liberal thread . I suggest that you take Governor Markell at his word and share your views with his office at . In addition, please reach out to your state Representative and your state Senator, and Speaker Gilligan, and share your views. My view is that service cuts and state employee salaries should be restored before any Democrat should propose cutting tax rates for our state’s high bracket taxpayers. Democrats should be championing the rights of middle-class and lower-class Americans. Democrats recognize to boost hiring, employers need customers, customers with money in their pockets, and that restoring state services and salaries will more effectively boost our state’s economy and produce more jobs than will padding upper-income taxpayer’s investment accounts.

Civil Union Bill Signing—This Wednesday evening, May 11th, the Civil Union bill will become law. Learn the details of how you can witness history at . If possible (but not required), RSVP to

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