Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Progressive Update--10/06/2010--Call to Action

Candidate Forum—The Newark UU church ( is hosting a candidate forum this Saturday. The flyer is at, and notes the confirmed candidates (Christine O’Donnell has not yet confirmed). Allan Loudell and Al Mascitti are sharing the moderation duties. Please join us from 10-3:30 on Saturday, and PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

The UD has Carney and Urquhart debate tonight, and Coons and O’Donnell next Wednesday. For more information, go to

Chris Coons for US Senate—This is the race of the year, the race to get a strong, forward-looking Democrat into the US Senate, and prevent an irresponsible nutcase from winning. Chris needs your money, and your time. They phone bank every day, and they canvass every weekend. Senator Al Franken will be in town tomorrow at 2pm—go to to sign up for that event. If you want to go on the record to note that Christine O’Donnell is not you (despite what her witchy-ad states), go to

Chip Flowers for State Treasurer—A poll just released,, shows Democrat Chip Flowers in a dead heat with Republican Colin Bonini. This is a race that Flowers must win. Bonini, in his many years in the state General Assembly, has NEVER voted for a budget. This is governing by absence in its worst form. Colin Bonini exemplifies the Party of No Ideas. Chip Flowers has a real vision for the office of state treasurer. Perhaps some aspects overreach, but give me a candidate with a vision anytime over a candidate with no ideas. Please help Chip Flowers win the race for state treasurer. Go to to learn more.

Candidate Endorsements—The endorsements from the Progressive Democrats of Delaware are at They are all wonderful candidates, and deserve your support. Each of these candidates worked closely with the PDD to demonstrate their dedication to our shared, liberal values. Please do not hesitate to help them out, and get your friends to support them, too.

General Assembly—Both houses in Dover are in Democratic hands, but we can improve the legislation that the General Assembly passes by getting really good liberal Democrats elected on November 2nd. Please work on getting good Democratic candidates elected, such as Counihan, Peterson, Ennis, Keeley, Brady, Heffernan, Short, Johnson, Schooley, Osienski, Kowalko, and Westhoff, and let them know that in return for helping them, you are counting on their support in Dover, on equal rights for all, consumer protections, improved schools, you name it. I am especially hopeful for new candidates Counihan, Heffernan, Osienski, and Westhoff.

Progressive Democrats of Delaware—Five weeks ago I was selected to serve as Executive Director of the PDD ( in a close election. I am working on getting my hands around our organization, its mission and processes. If you don’t know about PDD, please go to the website. We have two primary missions—promoting progressive, liberal policies and legislation, and identifying, electing, and supporting progressive, liberal elected officials. Read the What We Believe section (left side). If it sounds like your kind of place, please attend our meetings (first Wednesday of each month at 7pm at DE Democratic Party Headquarters in New Castle, including TONIGHT), or email me and ask to be added to our members-only Yahoo Group.

Less than four weeks to go—get out there and get some great candidates elected!!

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