Monday, March 31, 2008

Who is Paul Baumbach?

Blogger—I began sending emails out to people supporting John Kerry in 2004. Initially, these were focused on how people who help Kerry win in 2004. Even though Delaware was ‘a lock’ in 2004, I provided information on opportunities to help in battleground states, including ‘door-knocking’ in Pennsylvania, and writing to voters in Nevada. In early 2005, I began a blog, to include the periodic emails which I called Progressive Updates. I address national, regional, state, and local issues, all from a progressive/liberal perspective.

Democrat—I joined the 23rd Representative District several years ago (2005?) and have been active on the committee. I have also been involved with the Progressive Democrats of Delaware, and currently serve on its Endorsement Committee, charged with identifying which Democratic candidates in Delaware pass an appropriate 'liberal litmus test'.

Campaigns—I worked for John Kowalko’s successful campaign against Republican incumbent Stephanie Ulbrich in 2006. For John, in addition to door-knocking, I worked on talking points, speech and forum presentation, and other strategy. I have served as the treasurer for two local campaigns. I also helped other candidates in 2006 in speech and forum presentation matters.

Barack Obama—In January I organized a fundraiser for Obama that raised $2,500. I also offered my business for evening phone-banking ahead of the Super Tuesday primary. I attended both the Michelle and Barack Obama speeches in Delaware (was Michelle incredible, or what?).

I have worked to be selected as a delegate to the national convention, where I plan to not only vote for Obama, but also to convince additional delegates (uncommitted, and Clinton-supporters) to vote for Obama. The country needs Barack Obama to be the nominee of the Democratic Party, and I wish to help make this happen in August in Denver.

Social Justice—I helped resurrect the Social Justice committee at my church ( ), which I have led for more than five years. We have a long list of accomplishments, of making the community a better world in the past several years, including:

  • Candidate forums in 2004, 2006, and 2008
  • Voter Registration Drive in 2004
  • Lobbying for Anti-Discrimination Bills (currently SB 10 and SB 141)
  • Code Purple Sanctuary—open our doors on cold winter nights for those without shelter
  • Seminars—We held two wonderful lecture series, including one on Religions of Mankind by Professor Alan Fox
  • Films—We have shown many great films with social justice angles, including An Inconvenient Truth.
  • Service Trips—youth service trip to Central America and West Virginia, Katrina relief trips to the Gulf Coast
  • Partnering with Community Groups—Newark Empowerment Center, Emmaus House, Hope Dining Room, Delaware Food Bank, Sierra Club

Professional—I am a fee-only investment advisor. In 1996 I founded Mallard Advisors (, an independent financial planning firm, in Newark. We help individuals plan towards retirement, and in retirement.

Family—I have been married to Pam since 1985, and have lived in Newark since 1990 with our son who is now a college freshman.

Hobbies—When not working and politicking, I enjoy road bicycling, tennis, jogging/walking/hiking.

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