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Progressive Update--01/27/2008--Obama, Wind Power, and Obama

A few quick notes. The invitation to the Obama fundraiser I’m organizing is at the end of this. Note that it is this Wednesday, not Thursday as I earlier mistakenly stated.

On the topic of this Thursday, Michelle Obama is coming to Delaware this Thursday, 11:30am at the Grand Opera House, and 2pm at Del State in Dover. Tickets are not required, but an RSVP is. Please email to, or call HQ at 302-573-2540 to RSVP or for questions.

Wind Power and Scooter Libby Justice coming to Delaware. Remember way back when our illustrious President (not that he can spell illustrious) said that anyone in his administration who was involved in the disclosure of CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identify would be swiftly dealt with. Scooter Libby was indicted and found guilty of obstruction of justice in this investigation. How did Bush deal with this criminal? He commuted Scooter’s conviction, essentially pardoning him. He stands by the rules unless he doesn’t like the result. That is Scooter Libby justice.

Well, Delmarva Power and several other (Delmarva-paid) legislators had no problems with the open-bid and open-meeting process for finding Delaware’s next energy source until the outcome was that offshore wind power was the winner. Now Delmarva and some of our legislators are saying that the process was not sufficient. I’ve had enough of Scooter Libby justice. Clearly the process would have been fine for Delmarva if the winning bid had been some fossil-fuel powered generating plant that brings them greater profits, and us worse health and higher costs and less security at home.

Ask your legislator these simple questions—did you vote for House Bill 6 that defined this process? If so, were all the steps under the law followed? Was there an open bid process? Did it consider all qualifying bids, whether from sea-based or land-based wind power? Were all experts for and against each proposal permitted to speak to the state regulating agencies which considered each bid? Were there open meetings for the public (including legislators who are, contrary to their own opinion, members of the public) to attend?

If your legislators say NO to any of these questions (and they really can’t), that they were uninvolved in House Bill 6, that this process was not followed, that an open bid process was not followed, that expert witnesses and open meetings were not held, then I have no problem if they work to slow down the BlueWater Wind process. However, if all of these steps were done, then stop this Scooter Libby justice system of standing by a process unless it results in an ending you (or your lobbyist friends) don’t like, and then changing the rules. Let’s reject the George W Bush model of governing.

I’m organizing a fundraiser for the Barack Obama campaign this Wednesday. If you are interested in attending (or sending a check), please read on. I am hopeful that the campaign will send Chris Lu, the campaign’s state communication director, who went to law school with Obama, and has been his chief legislative aid during Obama’s years in the US Senate. Note that I list a suggested contribution—it is just that, a suggestion, more is welcome, as is less. The campaign needs your money, to pay for signs, bumper stickers, ads, and transportation (say to bring Michelle Obama to Delaware).


Barack Obama “I’m asking you to believe” Fundraising Party

When: Wednesday, January 30th, 7-9 pm

Where: 3 Tufts Lane, Newark, 19711

RSVP by January 29th, to so I can estimate for drinks and desserts

Campaign offices and TV ads cost money, and Barack isn’t hitting up corporate America for donations; he needs contributions from you and me. Let’s raise at least $2008 for Obama on the 30th, just in time for Super Dooper Tuesday on February 5th.

This is a fun-raiser and a fund-raiser, so bring nothing but yourself and your checkbook (suggested donation of $50 per person, checks to be made out to Obama for America—if you contribute more than $200, please provide your occupation and employer information)

If you can’t make it, don’t let that stop you from mailing an Obama for America check/donation to my home (38 Country Hills Drive, Newark, DE 19711) by the 30th, and we’ll add it to the total.

For those of you who have already contributed the maximum ($2,300 per individual) towards his primary campaign, please join us without your tired checkbook, but plan to infect us all with your Obama-fever.

Please come even if you don’t RSVP, and don’t feel terrible if you RSVP but can’t make it at the last minute—I understand.

Barack Obama is in a very tight contest with Hillary Clinton to win the nomination of the Democratic Party. If you would like him to win, then please back up your good wishes with a contribution, and come and join us on the 30th to celebrate working together to help Obama become the next President of the United States.

Paul S Baumbach

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