Wednesday, September 26, 2007

09/26/2007--James Vaughn finally resigns has the article noting that state Senator James Vaughn is resigning, effective Friday. His health has prevented him from fulfilling his duties this year.

Delaware Grapevine has an article on the resignation at and another article from last election season on Vaughn at

While a Democrat (in name), Vaughn has held up important legislation for years, including legislation prohibiting discrimination in Delaware based on sexual orientation.

There will be an election in a month or two to decide the person to serve as senator from Vaughn’s district 14, in Clayton. The Grapevine notes “The 14th Senatorial District, which spans New Castle County and Kent County along the Delaware River and takes in Delaware City, Middletown, Townsend, Smyrna and parts south, favors the Democrats in registration.”

Progressives should plan to work hard in the next two months to help a 'real Democrat' win the Senate seat for the 14th district.

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