Monday, October 30, 2006

Progressive Update--10/30/2006--LTE Anyone?

Only one weekend and one week to go until election day on Tuesday the 7th. Please find out how you can help a particular candidate’s campaign over the next 8 days, or simply help Delaware’s Democratic Party HQ ( Kristin Dwyer at HQ can provide you with contact information for whatever campaign that you would like to help with, and opportunities for work for the entire party.

I have an urgent need for someone, preferably in the 25th RD (Stephanie Ulbrich/John Kowalko’s district) to submit a letter to the editor supporting John. I have a fully developed letter, if you are interested in submitting it (and you of course are welcome to customize it to your liking). Given that the election is only 8 days away, however, I need someone to come forward today or tomorrow for this.

If you like a particular candidate, submit a letter to the editor today or tomorrow, sharing in a short/sweet way why that candidate has earned your vote. You can make a big difference in swaying fence-sitting voters in the next 8 days. includes a section towards the bottom to submit a letter to the editor (LTE). I usually compose mine within a word processor (Word), until I like it, and then I go to the website and cut/paste it into their form. I would be happy to work with anyone to provide a second set of eyes for a LTE that you are working on—just send me an email.

Donate—It is not too late to donate to your favorite candidates. Last minute contributions can help with last minute advertisements and phone banking. In addition to supporting Delaware candidates that I like (and there are several), last week I contributed to Virginia candidate James Webb online in his Senate battle against George Allen. The House seems to be Blue on the 9th, but the Senate is unknown, with four ‘too close to call’ races determining the balance.

Paul S Baumbach

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